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Volume 2, No. 4

  • Theodore Kleinschmidt, by Fergus Clunie. Theodore Kleinschmidt's notes on the hill tribes of Viti Levu, 1877-1878, edited by Herbert Tischner, translated by Stefanie Waine, with notes by Fergus Clunie.



Volume 3, No. 1

  • The mana, or mangrove-lobster, by G. Pillai. Fijian and Tongan war arrows, by Fergus Clunie


Volume 3, No. 2

  • Faces from the fifties, by Fergus Clunie Aquatic species introduced to Fiji, by Scott Andrews
  • Ornithological observations on Rabe Island, Fiji, by Nigel Langham


Volume 3, No. 3

  • Seabird nesting colonies of the Ringgold Islands, by Fergus Clunie.
  • A brief environmental history of Fiji. The ice ages and human habitation before European contact, by John Gibbons.
  • A substantially complete lapita bowl from Tongatapu on display in the Fiji Museum, by Dirk H.R. Spennemann. Presentation of Ogilvie documents to the Fiji Museum.


Volume 3, No. 4

  • The distribution of Fijian land and freshwater birds, based on the collections and observations of the Whitney South Sea expedition by
  • Dick Watling. Notes on the bats and birds of Rotuma by Fergus Clunie.



Volume 4, No. 1

  • The centre-poled houses of western Vitilevu, by Susan Freeman
  • Letters from the highlands of Vitilevu, 1877, by John Archibald Boyd, edited by Fergus Clunie John
  • Archibald Boyd, by Fergus Clunie


Volume 4, No. 2

  • Background to Arthur J.L. Gordon's narrative, 1875,
    by Fergus Clunie
  • An account of Mr Walter Carew's tour of the Island of Na Viti on behalf of the government - 1875, by Arthur John Lewis Gordon
  • Saulaca: Fijian sail needles, by Dirk H.R. Spennemann


Volume 4, No. 3

  • Travels in the interior of Viti Levu, by Eduard Graeffe, translated by Stefanie
  • Vuikaba Waine, with notes by Fergus Clunie and Philip A. Snow


Volume 4, No. 4

  • Lali - the drums of Fiji, by Rod Ewins
  • A slit-gong club from Fiji, by Fergus Clunie



Volume 5, Nos. 1-2

  • Dedication to John R.H. Gibbons, 1946-1986, by Fergus Clunie
    Sea-level and tectonic changes in the Pacific Basin, with emphasis on Holocene changes in Fiji, by Patrick D. Nunn
  • A faunal survey of Yaduataba Island reserve with particular reference to the crested iguana, by W.A. Laurie, H. Uryu and Dick Watling
  • Cannibalism in Fiji: the analysis of butchering marks on human bones and the historical record, by Dirk H.R. Spennemann
  • A human bone thatching needle from Vanuabalavu Island, Fiji, by Dirk H.R. Spennemann
  • Roko Tui Dreketi's human skull yaqona cup by Fergus Clunie
  • Journey to Nandronga River, 1865, by Henry M. Jones, with introduction and explanatory notes by John T. Parry
  • A Fijian ancestor image collected by Rev. John Hunt, 1838-1848, by Fergus Clunie


Volume 5, Nos. 3-4

  • A preliminary report on the Sigatoka burials, by Simon Best
  • Nepalese in Fiji, by C.C.M. Griffin
  • Customs and beliefs in upland Vitilevu, by Jean de Marzan



Volume 6, Nos. 1-4

  • Sugar from Taveuni, by Peter F. Dyer
  • The rarest printed work on the Pacific, by Philip Snow
  • Uplift and subsidence in Fiji, by Patrick D. Nunn
  • Fiji's coins and currency I: the Sandon pound, by K.A. Rodgers and Carol Cantrell.
  • Fiji's coins and currency II: the brass threepence, by K.A. Rodgers
  • Ring-ditches in Tokatoka district, Fiji, by John Overton and Joseph Chung
  • Some liku designs of the 1870s, by Jane Roth
  • Petroglyphs at Maqere, Tavua, Vitilevu, by John T. Parry and Dick Watling
  • Worked surfaces - mortars and hones at Maqere, Tavua, Vitilevu, by John T. Parry and Dick Watling



Volume 7, Nos. 1-4

  • Planters and plantations in Vitilevu - 1875: an historical geography, by John T. Parry
  • Observations on the giant Fiji long-horn beetle, Xixuthrus heros (Heer), by P.A. Ryan, R.A. Beaver and G.F. Bornemessiza
  • A list of adzes at the Fiji Museum, by Dirk H.R. Spennemann
  • Alpinia boia - the world's largest ginger: some ecological implications for Fijian rain forests, by A.N. Gillison
  • Notes on the fauna of Laucala and Matagi Islands, Fiji, by Dick Watling



Volume 8, Nos. 1-4

  • Stylistic change of Fijian pottery.
  • Part I: Form, by Rosa Rossitto
  • Stylistic change of Fijian pottery.
  • Part II: Decoration, by Rosa Rossitto



Volume 9, Nos. 1-2

  • Nose-flute music of Fiji, by Peter Crowe
  • Qoma pottery: a preliminary report, by Paul Geraghty
  • Making a Fijian pot, by Education Department, Fiji Museum
  • John Archibald Boyd and Fijian artifacts and human remains in the Macleay
  • Museum, University of Sydney, by Susie Davies
  • Glass plate negatives collection of the Fiji Museum, by William Copeland



Volume 10, No. 1

  • A special issue on the Koroyanitu National Park.
  • A message from the editor, Christine Burke
    Koroyanitu: Introduction
  • SPREP support for Koroyanitu by Joe Reti
  • Towards sustainable livelihood: The Koroyanitu development programme by Jale O. Baba
  • Koroyanitu National Park project: A preliminary analysis of archaeological sites by John Parry
  • The biodiversity of Koroyanitu National Park by Randy Thaman


Volume 10, No. 2

  • A message from the Director of the Fiji Museum by Kate Vusoniwailala
  • How Fijians came to Fiji, and what they did when they arrived by Patrick D. Nunn
  • The Image of Hikule'o (A Tongan-style Goddess in the Fiji Museum) by David V. Burley
  • Visual Language, A 19th Century Example by Mara Jevera Fulmer
  • Historical notes on Suva (Part 1) by Colman Wall, edited by Paul Geraghty



Volume 11, No.1

  • Thinking the Pacific: A Kanak view, as expressed by Jean-Marie Tjibaou by Professor Erik Waddell
  • Kava - ceremonial drink to wonder drug - and who benefits ? by Professor Bill Aalbersberg
  • Pregnant bodies and interpersonal boundaries in Fiji by Anne E Becker
  • Sketches in Fijian History (part 2) by Colman Wall


Volume 11, No.2

Fijian double-spouted vessels by Geoffrey Clark & Tarisi Sorovi-Vunidilo
Historical notes on Suva (part 2) by Colman Wall, edited by Paul Geraghty



Volume 12, No.1

  • A special issue on Kadavu Feejeean Islands by John Jackson
  • The island of Kadavu by JP Thomson
  • Legend of the elevation of Mount Washington, Kadavu by GAFW Beauclerc
  • Tanovo - the God on Ono by W. Deene
  • Early human settlement and the possibility of contemporaneous volcanism, western Kadavu, Fiji by Patrick D. Nunn
  • The revival of pottery-making in Yawe, Kadavu by Tarisi Sorovi-Vunidilo & Kate Vusoniwailala
  • Physiography, ethnobotany and cultural importance of the fluvial environment, interpreted from stream names on Kadavu island, Fiji by James Terry & Lani Vakatawa


Vol.12, No.2

  • A preliminary report on archaeological research in the Yasawa Islands by Terry Hunt, Karen Aronson, Ethan Cochrane, Julie Field, Lisa Humphrey & Timothy Rieth
  • The prey of Peregrine Falcons (Falco Peregrinus) as determined by skeletal remains from Joske's Thumb, Vitilevu by TH Worthy
  • Historical Notes on Suva (Part 3) by Colman Wall, edited by Paul Geraghty



Vol.13, No.1

  • Na sala ni ibe: A path of mats by Jacqueline Ryle
  • Old wars of western Fiji by Isikeli Nadalo
  • The role of the Fiji (National) Museum in collecting oral traditions by Sagale
  • Buadromo & Jotika Singh Ramos
  • Fijian canoes by Sela Vuinakasa Rayawa


Vol.13, No.2

  • Spatial patterning of a Lapita landscape at an archaeological site in the West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea by J F Parr, C J Lentfer & W E Boyd
  • Naigani Island and its historical connections with Ovalau & Moturiki
    Islands: convergences between legend and fact by Aviuta Ramoli & Patrick D Nunn
  • Archaeological and palaeoenvironmental investigations on Yacata
    Island, northern Lau, Fiji Islands by Geoffrey Clark and Geoffrey Hope



Vol.14, Nos. 1 & 2

Emergence of the Fijian Identity - a monograph by Judith Croasdell



Vol.15, No 1

  • Freshwater molluscs of Fiji by Alison Haynes
  • Rukunikoro: Reconstruction of a late prehistoric fortification on Cikobia Island (Macuata), Fiji by C. Sand, J. BolĂ©, D. Baret, A. Ouetcho & F. Valentin
  • The Manila brig revisited - the brig Concepcion cut off at Fiji in 1825 by Rod Levesque


Vol. 15, No. 2

  • Kava and liver toxicity. What is the fuss about ? by RFW Moulds & J Malani
  • Cultural heritage in the Fiji Islands: The issue of protection and the illicit trafficking of artifacts by S Buadromo, J Singh & J Bacchiochi
  • The meaning of some Indian customs as practised in Fiji by AW McMillan



Vol. 16, No. 1

  • An early Lapita site on Moturiki Island, Central Fiji: Preliminary Report by Patrick D. Nunn, Sepeti Matararaba & Roselyn Kumar.
  • Inland and coastal Lapita settlement on Viti Levu Island, Fiji: New Data by Roselyn Kumar & Patrick D. Nunn.
  • Pottery Making in Nasigatoka by J.B. Palmer.


Vol. 16, No. 2

  • Archaeological and GIS-based research in the Sigatoka Valley, Fiji by Julie S Field, Ph.D



Vol. 17, No. 1 & 2

  • Archaeological Investigations on Waya Island: the 2001 University of Hawaii Archaeological Field School by Ethan Cochrane.
  • The First People in Fiji: A report on the current state of knowledge about when and where they settled by Roselyn Kumar.
  • An unusual potsherd from Seputu, Laucala Island, Northeast Fiji by Patrick Nunn
  • New Scientific Evidence for Exploitation and settlement of coastal hinterlands in Fiji around AD 785 by Patrick Nunn and Roselyn Kumar



Vol. 18

  • Archaeology in the Yasawa Islands, Western Fiji: A report on the fieldwork from 1978 to 2003 by Ethan Cochrane Ph.D



Vol. 19

  • The prehistory of the interior of Viti Levu by Dr. Julie S Field
  • Bays of Yadua and Yaduataba Islands, Northern Fiji: The meanings and history of their modern names by Marian G Williams, Marie Meredith, Stephanie Robinson, Faye Tamani
  • The earliest human settlement in the Fiji Islands by Prof. Patrick Nunn, Roselyn Kumar, Sepeti Matararaba and Tomo Ishimura.



Vol. 20, N0 1 & 2

  • Indigenous Marine Taxa of Kadavu Province, Fiji by Mark A Calamia, Paul Geraghty, Emele Bola, Keiasi Likuvai, Shawna Reiner.
  • New Archaeological Insights from the Central Lau Groups, Fiji by Sharyn Jones, Patrick M O'Day, Sean P Connaughton.
  • Cultural Heritage Management and Curriculum Development in Melanesia by Dirk H R Spennemann and Robert J Meyenn



Vol. 21, N0 1 & 2

  • Indigenous Marine Taxa of Kadavu Province, Fiji by Mark A Calamia, Paul Geraghty, Emele Bola, Keiasi Likuvai, Shawna Reiner.
  • Yaqona and Education in Fiji: A clash of cultures? by S.G. Aporosa.


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