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Prices are in Fiji dollars (F$) and do not include packing & postage. Direct Bank transfers (Telegraphic Transfers) should be made payable to the Fiji Museum Gift Shop. For further enquiries contact Jonal J. Singh at the Fiji Museum Gift Shop

Wooden Items/Museum Replicas

Wooden platter (similar to original platters found in the museum)

Assorted clubs (light weight):

Model Fijian canoe.

Fijian Food bowl

Wall decorations. Fijian combs.

Priest's Oil dish (Fiji Museum Replica)

Priest's Inspirational kava Dish (Fiji Museum Replica) - Kava (yaqona) was drunk from this dish via a straw by the "bete" (priest). This is the "original" kava bowls of Fiji, taking many forms, some in human/plant/and animal form.

Lamp stand in the shape of a 'burekalou' (temple) made with stones & coconut fibre. H: 70cm.

Cannibal forks, it was forbidden for the human flesh to touch the lips of the chiefs (descendants of the gods) to whom human flesh was fed, hence the use of such implements

Fijian hair combs

Wooden hair clips

Priest's Inspirational Kava dish (one of the original kava bowls of Fiji). Fiji museum replica.

Headrest. (Fiji museum replicas)

Traditional Fijian house models

Fan, with pandanus weaved handle and dyed chicken feathers and tapa print material.

Tapa/Masi (bark cloth) 30cmx45cm



Red clay typical of pots made from the Sigatoka region (Nadroga Province). Made in the likeness of a tabua (whale's tooth).

Unglazed clay pot

Unglazed clay pot

Unglazed pot

Unglazed pot

Cannibal Forks

Cannibal forks. L: 43cm, L: 38cm, L: 31cm, L: 30cm, L: 25cm

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