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The museum offers a variety of programmes and activities that are available to the general public. Please contact the museum's secretary for the current timetable.

The museum organized a fun day for school children during the 2nd week of the 2nd term holidays. The fun day involved games, drawing, story telling, face painting and of course refreshments. To round off their fun day, the children were taken on a tour to the Parliament complex and the WWII gun sites located in the domain area. The purpose of the tour was to give the children first hand insight of some historical sites which are protected under Fiji's laws and to experience and understand the Parliament setup. The program was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and the museum plans to incorporate more activities during the Christmas school holidays.

LEFT: Museum staff, Sepeti Matararaba, briefs the children before the Parliament complex tour.

RIGHT: Parliament staff explains to students the significance of the Mace of the House of Representatives. The Mace once belonged to Ratu Seru Cakobau. He gave it as a gift to Queen Victoria of Great Britain in 1874, when Fiji became part of the British Empire. He named the war club, Ai Tutuvi Kuta I Ranadi Bau "The coverlet of the Queen of Bau". It was return to Fiji in 1932 by King George the 5th. The Mace represents the authority of the Speaker in the House. It is decorated with emblems of peace and it is carried into the Chamber whenever the House of Representatives meet. Without the Mace, the House of Representatives cannot meet.

Children at one of the bunkers at Battery Hill WWII gun site.
Children are shown the spot where the gun was stationed at the Nasonini WWII gun site.

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The museum organized a fun day for school children during the...READ MORE

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